Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saman..Kisahnya Part 2.

Hehe...there's part 2...I am surprised when my colleague knew about my conversation
with MPK's officer. He is laughing and saying that I am like the MB (menteri besar).
He said no one would call the MPK and complaining about the summons.
I said to him.."If nobody complaining, then they'll simply not knowing whether
their action is right or wrong!"
I like to complain and always complaining. Looks like I’m the rebel right??

Peduli apa haku dengan cakap2 orang ni. Yang penting kita x ditindas dan tertekan
dengan peraturan dunia yang selalunya (SELALU occay) menyusahkan kita.
But, like it or not, you have to accept that....Hmm....


mama liana said...

tadaaaa..ku skodeng blogmu hehehehe

Anonymous said...

adex menyinggah nih...

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